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    Vestify (2012)

    jan 2012

    NVBB Vestify Front RGB

    Beluister fragmenten:

    She’s Got It So – demo

    Joy Spring – demo

    Take A Letter Miss Jones – demo

    Till You Come Back To Me – demo

    In A New York Minute – demo

    Eleanor Rigby – demo

    The Summer Of ‘42 – demo

    Punch And Judy – demo

    Still Crazy After All These Years – demo

    Veste Styles (2004)

    Debuut CD, nov 2004

    Veste Styles (Cover)

    Beluister fragmenten:

    Keepin’ Track of the Time – demo

    Nature Boy (Milan Bonger) – demo

    Mack the Knife – demo

    Beafsteak Charlies – demo

    Carmelita – demo

    Sweet Georgia Brown (Arno Krijger) – demo

    Milestones – demo

    Soul Vaccination – demo

    Nature Boy – demo

    Till you come back to me (arrangement: Myles Collins)

    Billy Jean (arrangement: Steven Dietvorst)

    Let’s Go To Work (Electro Deluxe Bigband)

    Doe Maar Medley (gedeelte) (arrangement: Steven Dietvorst)

    Nice Mess (arrangement, gastsolist: Ilja Reijngoud)

    Eyes to wonder (arrangement: Ilja Reijngoud)

    After You’ve Gone (arrangement: Bill Holman)